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BlueAppleInfluencer.com is founded by Ben Loi and is managed by Ben Loi and his lovely wife, Chris Nge together with few close members of his family and friends.

Ben Loi started BlueAppleInfluencer.com after his family gathered so much information and done much research on the topic that close to their hearts, that is to live a Simple, Fulfilling Lifetsyle. They share their experiences and recommend services and products that they think is good enough for a Simple Fulfilling Lifestyle.

Inside BlueAppleInfluencer.com,  you will find articles, guides, best of lists and many other types of articles that contain well-researched information and their honest opinions. This information is presented to you in a way that is easy to read, and easy to find the info you are actually after.

BlueAppleInfluencer.com intends to share great things.

Ben Loi

Ben Loi is the founder of BlueAppleInfluencer.com and few more websites promoting things and places that he like. He love to share his experience with others.

Ben Loi is a professional Accountant graduated from the UK, London. He has worked as a trainee accountant in London for few years and thereafter he returned to Kuala Lumpur and work for a few listed corporations. He has vast experience in finance, merchant banking and others corporate matters. He is currently, living a retired peaceful life in Kuala Lumpur, running few websites and doing internet marketing. He is married to Chris Nge, with a teenage daughter Joelle Loi.

He loves to travel around the world, enjoying all types of food around the world, God’s creation of nature beauty and also human-added beautiful building architecture. He has passion in trying out new food, cooking, enjoying different cafés, street photography, gardening (particularly miniature plant, bonsai), internet marketing. He is a supporter of Green Earth and all efforts to keep this world a peaceful place to live.

Chris Nge

Chris Nge, a housewife. Before retired, she was working in the accounts related field. She is an accountant graduated under a UK professional body of accountancy. She loves to travel but has phobia of heights, acrophobia. Traveling by air is always a nightmare to her. But to date, she has braved herself and managed to travel to more than 20 countries in the Europe and Asia.


Joelle Loi, currently is studying at a well-knowned local college based in Kuala Lumpur. She is interested in fashion and design, food, photography and also health related issues related to teenager and young adults. She also like to travel and experience different culture and values from different ethnic and race around the world.

Ben Sim

Ben Sim, in his forties, a marathon runner, work as a Manager with an American contract manufacturer based in Singapore. Took part in marathon occasionally whenever his work permits.

BlueAppleInfluencer.com is a website that recommends and promotes various interesting food, places  and things that might interest the entire family members., including latest IT gadgets, fashion, lifestyles, etc. Occasionally, we will have guest writer to share his/her experience with us through their articles.

Affiliate Marketing

Some of the items and products/services that promote in this website, if you ended-up buying them, we will be receiving a commission therefrom.

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